Top Names released, did your baby make the top 10?

The top 2020 baby names have been released, did your baby's name make the list? Keep reading to find out. :)

Every year they release the top 10 baby names for both boys and girls, the last few years Charlotte and Oliver has been at the top of the lists, did they make it again this year????

How do you choose your baby's name? It's a big deal, its' something that they have to carry for the rest of their lives and it's something that you have to say everyday.... multiple times a day! So do you just pick a random name....a family name....from the top 10 or 50... or do you go a unique name.... It's not an easy task tho... because both parents have to agree, and then when you have your baby, looking at them for the very first time, you think, is this name you? is it going to suit you? Are you going to like your name? have I chosen a great name? and these are just some of the questions that run through your head.

As a newborn photographer I do hear alot of names, some are on the top 10 and some are not.

So... let's find out if your baby's name made the top 10..

Gee how did I know Charlotte & Oliver would be on it again hehe They are beautiful names tho. and I must admit if I was to have a girl Charlotte is on the top of my list ;)

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