What To Bring To Your Outdoor Photo Session

It's almost time for your photo shoot with me, I am so excited I love outdoor sessions.  but before you come to your shoot just remember to bring these couple of things to help your session go smoothly. 


* Water & snacks

water is a must to make sure everyone stays hydrated, kids will be running, dancing and twirling around the place ( parents too except the running unless they are running round chasing their kiddos hehe ) and snacks for the little kiddos just try for ones that aren't messy is you can, and snacks can come in handy for the kiddos who aren't aren't really feeling it that day and need a little encouragement :) 

*Wet Wipes

these things are a life saver and for kiddos of all ages, great to clean up faces and sticky or dirty hands ( we all know how much kids like to play in the dirt haha ) 


For all family members, if we are going to a spot that requires a little walking but you don't wanna walk in your heals/sandles/boots  then put on your thongs or comby shoes to get you to the spot and then change for the shoes your wearing for your session. Same goes for kids, don't want the kiddies to wrech their new shoes no problem, put them in some old ones then change once we get there, and little kiddos some don't like keeping shoes on so  you can just carry them or put them in the pram and put the shoes on right before I start taking photos.


like not your everyday type jewelry pieces, hats, scarves, cardigan. Anything that will add layers to your outfit.

*Spare outfits

for the kiddos, this one is something to remember, for some reason as much as we try kiddies can't seem to keep their outfits clean, they like to just sit anywhere, and if your little one is in a lighter colour then dirty marks will be sure to show, the little ones sometimes accidents do happyen, nappies can leak or they can just have a full blow out and it goes everywhere ( had this happen once and there was no outfit backup so this little ones photos were done lucky we got plenty of good ones before tho ) so a spare outfit is a must :) 

*Insect Repellent

this one is another goodie to have, I am trying to have one on me at all times, but either it gets used and i don't get to replace it before the next session or it gets missed place so It's always good to make sure you have one on hand just incase.