5 Things to do on a rainy days by Life's Magical Moments Photography

How good are these rainy days? It's a wonderful change to the heatwave we just had that's for sure, and the temperature is such a welcomed change as well. But there's one thing with these rainy days.... it's school holidays now... and the kiddies are getting bored. So here is a few ideas to help keep them entertained..

1- Bored Games! Dig them out and let the kiddies pick 1 or 2 and you the parents pick 1, you's will have a few laughs, some family time and it will amuse everyone for an hour or so.

2- Get creative and grab out the pensils, texters etc, and see who can draw the best picture or funniest picture and whoever wins gets to pick the next task or gets a treat or even gets the night off from clean up duty ;)

3- Indoor Treasure Hunt- Hide items around the house for the kiddies to find even create a treasure map in your keen ;)

4- Movie Time- Now I know this can be easier said then done, everyone fights over who gets the pick the movie, to fix that.... get everyone to write ONE movie they want to watch on a piece of paper and put it in a hat then mum or dad closes their eyes and pulls one out... there you have it a fair and easy way to choose a movie... oh don't forget the popcorn! :) :)

5- Indoor bowling- Most of us have a few bottles stashed away for the recycling , or have a few empty ones with all the kiddes home, so use them as bowling pins, set them up at the end of the hallway and use a tennis ball or a soft ball as your bowling ball and bingo... you have indoor bowling :)

If you have done these and still need more idea's here is a link for ideas to do around Brissy that will get everyone out of the house for abit but don't forget your umbrella .... I think this weather is here to stay for a little bit longer ;)


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