Why it is so important to be in the photo's with our children!

I can't stress enough how important it is to be in the photos with your kids, it doesn't matter if they are professional photos or selfies on your phone. As long as we are in it with them. They will cherish those photos forever! My son has a photo in his room of him and me with Santa from about 3 years, why? because I am with him with Santa. I do often catch him looking at the photos all around our house of us together. He loves to look at them all, he lost his Pa just before he was 2 and he doesn't really remember much of him but he knows what he looks like from the photos of Pa and him with Pa around our house along with all the stories I have told him. That helps him remember him. That is why it is so important to be in the photos, they will always be able to see you and remember those memories more. And they can show there kids and grand kids. There are lots of creative ways to show these photos too, eg a collage frame, can start with a picture of mum and dad, then pic of dad and mum from maternity photos, then a pic of mum, dad and baby from newborn session, then you start to add family picture's as the baby gets older and then if another baby comes along. You can make photo books for each year and add in stories to go with the photo's. These things are going to be loved and cherished forever. There are so many ways to display your images.

He's an image of my son and I.

Love Julz. x

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