Viewing of your images

We now have a new way of viewing of your images... it's done straight after your studio session!! how exciting is that... you get to view your images straight away.... you will see them on the big screen, and we will go through them together, and select the images you wish to purchase in your package, and any extra prints or products you would like to purchase. Clients are loving it!! they think its amazing... no more waiting on galleries... you get to see and choose them on the same day as your studio session... and if you have a location session, that's ok we will make a date for you to pop into the studio for you to view and selection your images you wish to purchase.... if you have an earlier location session we should be able to get you back into the studio that same day just depends if my afternoons are booked already with another outdoor session. :)

Anyway thats all from me today :) Check out on my website.

Julie. X

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