The Studio

Welcome to Life's Magical Moments Photography's Studio.


I have recently renovated the studio so it has a fresh new look and relaxed feel.

My beautiful selection of props are around my studio which can be used in your newborn photography session.

Studio prints and products are displayed around the studio for you look and feel to see which you would like to purchase and also be able to see which would suit your home the best.

You can now sit back in our comfy chairs and relax and watch a movie on the big screen, have a tea or coffee or sleep while I work with your baby. 


I always keep an eye on the temperature to make sure your baby is not getting too hot or cold. It is kept at a safe temperature to suit what your baby is wearing, eg being all wrapped up, outfits or slightly wrapped.

In my studio I use studio lighting known as strobe lighting, this means your photograph's have the perfect consistency through out your whole session. So therefore i do not use window natural lighting and my studio is set up to have that late evening type look. 

But in the lifestyle room I use natural light, my big doors let in a beautiful natural light.

For all studio session's, we now have a new way of viewing your images. After your session, your images will be uploaded and displayed on the big screen for you to view and select your images you wish to purchase. That's right....straight after your session you will be able to see your images! Clients are loving the new way of viewing their images. For location session's, you will be able to pop into the studio within a few days of your session to view and select the images you wish to purchase.

We had just added a lifestyle room too now. You can have a lifestyle maternity session and the family photos part of your newborn session can be done as lifestyle instead of posed. 

Check out the images below.