Referral's & Loyalty Programs

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Referral Program

I am starting to receive a lot more referral's from my clients, so as a big Thank you, I would like to offer a $20 credit to use at their next session with me.

A Max of 3 credits can be used at the one time. Then once you have used your credits you can start building them again. 

Please note these credits will only apply on full sessions only. Not mini's, or free sessions, unless stated otherwise. Also you must of had a session with me to start collecting credits.


Loyalty Program

As a big Thank you to my wonderful clients for their continued business and support, I am offering a Loyalty Program. This is where you will receive a Digital Loyalty Card added to your name on my booking process software once you complete your 1st full price photography session with me. And on your 3rd full price photography session you will receive $50 OFF your session total 

The loyalty program only works on full sessions, It is not valid on Mini's, specials, discounted or free sessions. and Not valid with any other offers.  Once you have your 3rd session you will get a new digital loyalty card on your next full session.  

These can only be used my the person who's name is on the bookings. These digital cards do not expire as I do understand some clients will only book a session once a year or so with me.