Family Sessions



Family session's,  I love to capture these Magical Moments.

FUN!! Yes we are going to have so much fun and I cant wait to capture theses moments of your family. My sessions are not all about "cheese" and look at the camera - they are full of snuggles, laughs, dress twirls and connection. I plan to tell YOUR family's story while honoring my style of photography. This means I will read over your questionnaire and cater my prompts and suggestions to your family, to capture sweet gestures and moments that truly mean the most to you.

Prepare to interact, play and cuddle while oddly enough- NOT looking at the camera much. I want to show you how gorgeous you look while

being a mum/wife/dad and that requires letting your guard down and just being in the moment with your family.

so many different ways we can create a full gallery for you and your family.

Most families like to update their family photos once a year and are great to cherish.  So don't put them off any longer book your family session with me today :)




When to Book your Family Session?


Best time to book is when you know all family will be able to attend the session, you can book your family session in advance theres no need to wait untill it gets closer to the month your wanting your session in, some clients book their sessions a year in advance. Weekends are the most popular for family sessions, and weekend spots are limited, so if you do have a month or even date in mind it is best to book that in advance to avoid disappointment.


     Your Session



I have a range of locations we can go to around Lowood and Fernvale.  Location sessions are only done in the afternoon about 1 hour before sunset. Please note that some session's may require travel fee's if its 30 minutes or more from the studio.

Once your Family session has been secured, I will send you your session information to help you prepare for the session.  You will receive a questionnaire, this helps me customize your session for you. 

I do send a styling & what to expect guide which includes what to wear, and what colours works best for my locations and my editing style. I do have a small range of client dresses for mum to wear, as I say to dress mum first then its easier to find outfits that go with mums outfit, but as mums we don't like to spend money on ourselves so we reach for the dress we have worn to our last photoshoot or family event. So I have a few dresses for mums to choose from, that way its something mum hasn't worn before and she will love her photos even more.

Have you seen my client wardrobe? if not click the button below. My client wardrobe is slowly growing and as I add more to it I will add them to client closet page for all to see.


      Viewing & Selecting Your Images


I will send you a proofing online viewing gallery for you can view your images and you choose which images you wish to purchase for your collection,( please note a proofing gallery is the images from your session unedited, there will be a couple that are fully edited for you to be able to see how your images will look. )


After Your Session

Once all payments have been received I will start the editing process on your choosen images. A 'sneak peek' will be on my Insta & Facebook pages usually withing 48hrs for you to see. ( Your welcome to share the post ) The editing process usually takes up to 4 weeks. Then I will email you your gallery link & password for you to download your images to your computer or hard drive.  I will then place any prints & product orders, and contact you when then are ready for collection from the studio, this usually takes a further 2-3 weeks. Printing times vary, it depends on which products are ordered. 

If you do go home and decide you do want extra products or prints, just shoot me a message and we can arrange that for you.


Family Investment

All collections include High resolution digital files. Images are supplied in color plus black & white via direct download.



Options to purchase additional prints and products are available.

All prices & collections are subject to change at any time without notice.


Family collections start from $395

A $100 non refundable deposit is due at time of booking to secure your date


For more information or to book your session click the button below.  


Below are studio samples of what you will receive in your Gold & Platinum Collection's. In our Gold collection you receive 2 Art Mount Prints. These are a beautiful way to display your  images anywhere around your home, and in our Platinum Collection you will receive out 11x14 Heirloom Album with all 30 images printed inside.

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